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Fall into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Nancy Crochet

We’re delighted to feature member Nancy Crochet in today’s Artisan Spotlight. Nancy has exhibited in every Fall into Fine Craft! She has also served a number of terms as our chapter secretary, served as the secretary of prior Fall into Fine Craft committees, and is deeply involved with Foundry Day, the one-day outdoor show that our chapter co-sponsors with the Boiling Springs Civic Association, the first Saturday in June. Whew! We’re not sure how she finds time to create, but we’re sure glad she does!

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What about your medium drew you to it initially and what’s kept you working at it?

My medium is sewing. I have sewn for most of my life. I always liked the creative process involved. I especially like the details in couture sewing from the handwork to the fine fitting and tailoring.  This year I decided to explore an area of sewing that I had avoided in the past, quilting. I made a quilt for my granddaughter and then one for my great nephew. I liked the process of making the quilts so I am now making crib sized quilts that can also be wall-hangings or lap quilts. My quilts are colorful and fun.

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If you had to choose a medium, other than your current one, what would you like to try and why?

I would like to learn how to paint with watercolor.  There are so many different styles of watercolor that I think it could be fun to try.

March cover

What are you most looking forward to at FIFC?

I will have a whole new inventory of quilts and dresses for sale this year. I am looking forward to the response from the customers.

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You can find more about Nancy and see her other lines at http://www.blueandgoldembroidery.com/.

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