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Fall into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Carol Heisler

Chapter member and Master Artisan* Carol Heisler brings her own spotlight to Fall into Fine Craft with her exuberant personality and “not your grandmother’s” quilts.

heisler 3

What about your medium drew you to it initially and what’s kept you working at it?

After college, I did some home decorating sewing – lots of draperies. A woman with whom I worked suggested quilting as a complementary line, so I tried it and fell in love with the creative possibilities. What’s kept me working at it? Well, before I even knew how to quilt, I bought a long-arm sewing machine – that kind of capital investment will motivate a girl! I really just love everything about making my quilts, from purchasing fabric, selecting the perfect combinations from my stash, pressing those precise pieced seams, and dancing with my long-arm.

heisler 2

If you had to choose a medium, other than your current one, what would you like to try and why?

My college degree is not in fiber; it’s in ceramics, so I got that “other medium” thing out of my system, early on. I do love my kitchen and I am an accomplished baker, so, if I had to choose another medium . . . . hmmmm . .. is batter a medium?

What are you most looking forward to at FIFC?

I am a professional artist; I do fine craft shows almost every weekend from March through November, so there’s a lot I like about doing shows! It’s always fun to see my fellow show-pros and to reconnect with collectors of my work. The most fun about shows is seeing the look on the face of a new customer who has just fallen in love with something I’ve made. It’s happened every Fall into Fine Craft I’ve done, and I’m hoping to continue the streak.

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*Master Artisan is a status awarded by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen to artisans whose work is judged exceptional by these three key benchmarks: Excellence in Craftsmanship, Resolved Design, and Unique Voice.