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Fall into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Glen Klein

Today, we introduce guest artisan Glen Klein. Glen combines photography, graphic design, and a unique way of seeing his world to create his compelling works. You’re going to love seeing these and meeting Glen at Fall into Fine Craft.

Klein-Glen1 In Studio

What about your medium drew you to it initially and what’s kept you working at it?

I have been interested in Photography since high school when our art teacher introduced us to black and white photography. We had our own darkroom in the school. I majored in commercial art in college and have been in business for 30 years working as a graphic artist. I’ve combined the two art forms to create my own unique pieces.


If you had to choose a medium, other than your current one, what would you like to try and why?

If I could change the media of art I do, I would actually choose a career in music as a piano player. Some of my earliest memories include an old piano we had at our farm house. I was only around 5 years old at the time. I remember trying to pick out songs by ear and trying to figure out the notes on sheet music. Unfortunately, my parents never noticed my interest in the piano and I never pursued it further. To this day I still ache when I hear great piano music, longing for the ability to create my own.

Klein-Glen3Musical Desolation

What are you most looking forward to at FIFC?

I look forward to being a part of Fall Into Fine Craft as it gives me the opportunity to share my work with a whole new audience. Also meeting fellow artists and seeing their work will add to the experience.

Klein-Glen4 see the forest but for the trees

While you wait for Fall into Fine Craft, you can read more about Glen at http://glenklein.com/.

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