Fall into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Lana Heckendorn

It is our pleasure to shine the Artisan Spotlight on member Master Artisan* Lana Heckendorn. Lana’s work is defined by elegant lines, ethereal colors, and everyday usefulness. Her command of her medium is undeniable and her style is unmistakable.

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What about your medium drew you to it initially and what’s kept you working at it?

I work in porcelain, and love the material itself. Fragile but strong, translucent where thin, and compatible with my decorating style, porcelain is the perfect material for me to produce functional 3D objects, and allows me to combine form with surface in an integrated way.


Porcelain is challenging, requiring much pampering in the forming stages, and, while a lot can go right with a piece, it’s clear when something is past salvation and it’s time to let go of it. For me, so much about making good work is noticing when something isn’t quite there. Some of my best work has been invested in pieces that were later abandoned, which is all part of the equation.

If you had to choose a medium, other than your current one, what would you like to try and why?

In art school, I tried everything time allowed, and might go back to my major, printmaking, which shares both a need for process and an integral beauty with ceramics.

If I had any musical talent at all (and I assure you, I do not) I might try jazz bass, just to feel the dimensional beat, and to have a physical experience of music.

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What are you most looking forward to at FIFC?

It’s always so great to see the work of other artists, to see what’s new in the past year. I value being part of a creative community, and catching up with folks’ progress is a big part of that. In building a local event, this is an opportunity to check in with the progress we’re making as a fine craft community in the region.


To stay in touch with Lana, before and after Fall into Fine Craft, follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Lana-Heckendorn-Ceramics-207921006051767/timeline/ and visit her website at http://lanaheckendorn.com/home.html

Follow Fall into Fine Craft on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FallintoFineCraft2015?fref=ts and on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/paula154/fall-into-fine-craft-2015-yellow-breeches-guild-of/

*Master Artisan is a status awarded by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen to artisans whose work is judged exceptional by these three key benchmarks: Excellence in Craftsmanship, Resolved Design, and Unique Voice.


2 responses to “Fall into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Lana Heckendorn

  1. Tony &Sharon H-N

    Lana, your work is wonderful!! So good to “see” you,

    • Lana is one of the most fascinating people we’ve had the pleasure to get to know. One of the best Yellow Breeches Chapter member benefits is getting to meet such interesting and talented folks.

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