Plein Air Camp Hill Arts Fest Features Two YBC Members

Two of our members will be giving workshops on Saturday, the 30th. You’ll find the details about presentations by photographer Jim Whetstone, whetstone 5-14-15

and potter Kurt Brantner on the Events Schedule in the above link.brantner 5-14-15

Here’s what Jim has to say about his digital photography session. Come join us Saturday May 30 at 4:30 PM in Prosser Hall of the Camp Hill Borough Building,  2145 Walnut St., Camp Hill, as we discuss “Being Artistic With a Digital Camera”.  Want to feel more creative and artistic with a camera?  Learn how to feel like you are painting with a brush but actually using a camera.  At this workshop we will discuss the many decisions that are made before you use the camera, the capture phase – the composing and shooting, and post capture – the editing and computer work that is so very necessary for the making of an artistic image.  Come see why photographers also paint with and capture light.  Join us. 

We agree with Jim. Join him and Kurt at this exciting, free, community arts event!

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