At its root, the work is all about threading a needle and connecting an ancient craft with a contemporary art form we now call bead weaving.  For me​, it’s also a connection of the heart across generations.

fine 5

Baltimore’s deputy mayor shows off one of Teddi’s custom black-eyed susan charms to celebrate the 2014 American Craft Council Baltimore. Show

After a career in health policy, Teddi Fine—the heart and art behind thea fine, beading design—returned some years ago to her first love: creating jewelry with seed beads, a needle and thread in a process known as bead weaving. Teddi’s love for bead weaving started with summers on Cape Cod with “Grandma Rose, a Renaissance woman who never met a craft she didn’t love.”

Teddi tells us that “playing with beads” is wonderfully freeing and artistically satisfying, despite its methodical and exacting nature. Teddi makes each of her beautiful pieces of jewelry by hand sewing one tiny glass bead after another, along with crystal, semiprecious stones, and found objects. After she carefully selects from her collection of materials to create the optimal palette of hues, textures and finishes that will bring a design idea to life, “the Zen of bead weaving begins when beads are hand sewn together with needle and thread, one bead at a time, often using stitches with roots in ancient times.”

Fine 2

Whether she stitches the beads in a geometric and regular pattern or with a freeform design, Teddi achieves a magical melding of color and texture, with an elegant, unusual, and, on occasion, quirky style.

Fine 3

A tiny “signature” in the form of a single purple bead is hidden in each piece….but don’t look for it. Often, it is tucked away inside, hidden, but we know it’s there!

Teddi describes her work as wearable bead art.  We describe it as fabulous!

Fine 1

Teddi will be at Fall Into Fine Craft with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar today!  You can see more of Teddi’s work at http://www.theafine.com/



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