crochet face 2I have been sewing for all of my life. I cannot imagine not creating something with fabric and thread. There have been times when I was making mostly clothes and times when I have been making mostly decorative items. I have worked with yards of fabric and scraps of fabric. But as I look at my total body of work you can see that I am a very meticulous sewer. I love the details: trims, sharp edges, tailored looks, fabulous combinations.

Crochet 3

Nancy’s custom embroidery business, which shares part of her spacious studio, dovetails perfectly with her fine sewing business, especially since her muse is now walking around in toddler shoes. Her sweet beautiful granddaughter has Nancy adding quilts, couture toddler clothing, and play things to her sewing table, all finished with the same attention to detail and fine design as her signature line of saree jackets, of course, and some sweet embroidery details, too.

crochet b1                           crochet a

When we asked her why she enjoys making and selling her beautiful creations, Nancy’s quick with this reply:crochet detail

I love to show people the hidden details in my work. When was the last time you opened a jacket to see more color on the inside than the outside. Look at the back of my quilts – you might find an embroidery.  Ask me how to make piping!!

We’re sure you’ll see what she means when she says she’s “meticulous” when you have an up-close look at Nancy’s impeccably made works of fiber art.

Nancy will be at Fall Into Fine Craft with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see more of her work at and  on the Gallery page of our website



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