PhotohaagElaine Haag has been in love with fiber – knitting and felting – since 2007 when a friend gave her two skeins of yarn and her first pair of knitting needles.

My only experience with needles and yarn was helping my grandmother wind her yarn into balls…..that’s it. I had no idea where my needles would take me but I dived into the fiber world and fell in love.


It took Elaine a very short time to realize that, while so much of life is regimented, she was free, in her fiber studio, to ignore patterns and let her creativity take her new and exciting directions. She credits that feeling of freedom with keeping her work exciting and fresh to herself and her stylish and happy clients.

Each one of Elaine’s original one-of-a-kind handbags begins with quality wool yarn which she hand knits. She then “fulls” the bag, a process by which she shrinks, tightens, and strengthens the hand-knit bag body. The handbag is carefully hand shaped and left to dry, which gives Elaine time to choose her signature finishing touches.  Each handbag is lined, by hand, with a brocade or batik fabric, carefully selected to complement the body. Decorative stitches are added, along with interesting and attention-getting details like unique buttons, brooches, beads and handmade wool felted dreadlocks to finish each piece.

Haag 4

Elaine also creates elegant silk and wool scarves via a process called nuno felting.  Nuno felting is a process of melding wool fibers through a fabric such as silk, using pressure and friction – it is very labor-intensive! Elaine dyes her own silk to get the perfect colors for her line. She then carefully chooses luxury wool, merino, for example, and creates her design on the silk yardage.

It takes time and patience to achieve the migration of the fibers through the silk. Once the fibers migrate through, I create a lightweight, organic scarf which can be worn throughout the year.haag 5


You can be assured that you own a one of kind piece of art – and you can be assured you’ll look stunning – when you wear a BAGSdeHAAG handbag or scarf.

Elaine will be at Fall Into Fine Craft with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see more of her work on her website, the Gallery page of our website, or on Facebook at

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