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After graduating with a BFA in ceramics with a secondary concentration in fibers and second major in Art History from Edinboro University of PA in 1987, I did a series of useless jobs until a met a woman who owned a sewing school in North East Philadelphia . . .

Carol Heisler’s path to quilts began when a sewing mentor encouraged her to start a home decorating sewing business.  In short order, Carol had a strong customer base, so she decided to buy a long arm quilting machine to enable her to make padded headboards and duvet covers.  While she was working to build her business, her mentor offered a few quilting classes in her sewing school, which Carol attended, with the idea she’d meet a new pool of potential home dec clients. It was at this moment, Carol realized that making quilts was was what I was supposed to be doing with my life.   I immediately revamped my business plan and Lorac Designs was born.

Sometimes, I’ll discover an amazing fabric that at some time in the future will become a fabulous quilt, so it goes into my “stash” (quilters term for fabric we HAVE to have). Other times, I have a design in my mind…or even sketched out that I seek specific fabrics to create the quilt. Sometimes, I design on graph paper; sometimes, on a computer program; or sometimes, on a piece of notebook paper while sitting at a fine craft show.

heisler 5

Quilting – the cutting, sewing, construction, – hasn’t changed much since the invention of the sewing machine!  But the finished product …the lines, the colors, the overall feel can be functional, and contemporary and that’s what sets me apart from most people’s idea of “quilting”.

heisler 3

Carol’s quilts are, as many have said, “not your grandmother’s quilts.” Clean design and great – and uniquely combined – highest quality fabrics make a Lorac Designs quilt a bold, modern, functional work of art that still does what quilts are supposed to do – covers your bed and keeps you warm.

 I want everyone to have the experience of sleeping under a 100% cotton, handmade quilt that is large enough even for the “cover hogs” in one’s life!  

What a wonderful combination – all the comfort of a traditional quilt with fresh new style. Do you know whose bed would look great dressed in a Carol Heisler would quilt? Yours!

Carol will be at Fall Into Fine Craft with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see more of her work on her website, the Gallery page of our website, or on Facebook at


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