Lana Heckendorn is happily making art – functional beautiful ceramics – in her newly-built Carlisle PA studio. After having created her wheel-thrown, hand-decorated functional ceramics in Philadelphia for years, she’s returned to her roots, to be closer to her family and to enjoy the creative freedom of her own studio.

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Lana began her career with a degree in printmaking, then went on to experiment with sculptural clay. She learned wheel-throwing as a means to further her sculptural work, but the experience at the wheel was game-changing. She discovered that she loved making pots, and the opportunity those pots offered for embellishment. Her line of functional pieces more than hints at her artist’s eye as a sculptor; the shapes are exquisite and the decoration perfectly complements the silhouettes. 

For Lana, the creative process is quite systematic.

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Every piece starts as a drawing, and some are fleshed out as paper or cardboard models before I make the first draft in clay. I do some precise weighing of the clay to maintain consistency. I use a subtractive process to decorate the pots, where I draw wax patterns directly on the pot. The decoration itself is often based on a mathematical or formal division of the pot into panels or zones, and my goal is for the pattern to become one with the surface. I am inspired by both the forms and decoration of antiquities and Asian and Middle-Eastern architecture and pottery. For example, the patterns on the Persian bowl series are inspired by the ceiling tiles of a mosque.

Hechendorn 4

Lana’s finely balanced pieces with their luxuriously hand-drawn surfaces will bring beauty and elegance to your table, every day.

Functional objects should be enduring, not only in their craft, but in their beauty as well.

We agree, Lana!

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Lana will be at Fall Into Fine Craft with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see more of her work on her website http://www.lanaheckendorn.com, the Gallery page of our website www.ybcrafts.org, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lana-Heckendorn-Ceramics/207921006051767.



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