Dan Hayward took his first glass class in 2002 after he had “retired” from a consulting career.  Simple stained glass panels using commercial patterns led to more complex ones, and work on two stained glass windows for a children’s chapel at his church drew Dan into creating his own patterns.  The same project led him to kiln-formed or “fused” glass to add some finer detail to the design.

Soon, I lost control of my casual hobby. A few square feet of glass specific to a project burgeoned into an extensive inventory of art glass . . . I ventured into creating my own patterns . . . I accumulated a large variety of “slumping molds and built a large stock of fusing glass. Glass became a business, albeit, one I still greatly enjoy.

Hayward blog 1

Dan enjoys the creative possibilities involving functional fused glass: platters, plates, bowls and other useful pieces that bring style and color to any table. True to his inspiration – the wide variety of glass with which he likes to work – and trusting his artist’s instinct, no two pieces are exactly alike. He does, however add his signature element – a sleek border of clear glass banding the work – to perfectly accent the central design of each of his functional and decorative conversation pieces.

Hayward blog 3

When developing patterns for stained glass, Dan often begins with either a striking piece of art glass and designs around its color and pattern.  Other times he begins with a “found” object – for example a geode, antique saucer, lamp prism – and designs around that item.  He likes to employ unique types of hand-formed art glass and many varieties and textures of clear glass in his pieces. His stained glass is noted for its interesting borders which complement the central design, perhaps a bow to my 40+ years of left-brained experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Hayward 1

Dan will be at Fall Into Fine Craft with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar today!  You can see more of Dan’s work on our Gallery page at www.ybcrafts.org and on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dan-Hayward-Art-Glass/115020842013650


*Dan’s also the president of our Yellow Breeches Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and is the hard-working show chairman for Fall Into Fine Craft.  Volunteer organizations all need a Dan Hayward!

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