Upcoming Fests

Here we are, officially into summer.  After last weekend’s Harrisburg Artsfest, which I sadly did not blog, but visited happily, we’ve got more art for you.

First and foremost (because it’s HERE) on June 7th,  is the ever popular Boiling Springs Foundry Day.  Many of our members are showing off their lovely works at this event.  Go early and shop hard!  The food is wonderful, and the volunteers are just fabulous.  It’s become the favorite event for art lovers and ‘browsers’ alike.   Shop more, browse less, it’s not too early to buy Holiday presents.  And have a lemonade, it gets kinda hot out there.  Stop by the Beadwhisperer’s booth and say Hey!  I like to meet the readers.

The same weekend, (can you stand it?)  is the inaugural “Makers Fest” in Lancaster, PA sponsored by The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  There are ALL KINDS of cool things going on here too.  Art, Food Trucks, Music, Art, Hands on Art….oh man….Check the link for times and directions.

What’s better than a double dip of art?  Wait for it….


Free is always a good thing. Foundry Day even has free parking and a free shuttle.  (Seriously, I’m getting faint up in here…this is so GREAT!)  How often do you get to park your car in a big lot, then get shuttled IN AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT) to the event?

For many reasons, not the least of which being that no admission frees up your hard earned bucks TO BUY ART.  Stop. The. Madness.

I think we’re on to something here.  See you on Saturday June 7 at Foundry Day.

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