It’s Spring, Sir!

A likely unknown, definitely trivial fact about your blogmistress, is that she is a big M*A*S*H fan.  Big.  *A river of liver and an ocean of fish big.

While I’m THRILLED for Spring, and all things Springy (Including crocus, daffodils, asparagus, and oh heck SPRINGS) I always think of this line from M*A*S*H on the first day of Spring:

Frank Burns (reviewing the troops): “How dare you wear that hat while in uniform!”

Max Klinger:  “IT’S SPRING SIR!”

Klinger Spring

It makes me smile.  After this winter (which was really no longer than any other winter, but seemed MILES longer) we need all the smiles we can get. 

Spring also symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and new growth.    All of these can be applied to our art.  Now is the time to shake off the cobwebs that may have grown over the winter, and try something new.  A new technique.  New business cards.  A new workspace.  A new tool.  Try something just a little different.  Zig instead of zag for once.  Just to see if you like it.  Do it twice, if you didn’t like it the first time, maybe you need to try again just to make sure.  (Sort of like the Two Bite Rule, look it up, apparently it causes QUITE the ruckus on the internets)

Maybe you have wanted to make something different, but weren’t quite sure.  Come on!  Try it!  Why not?  Renew!  Refresh!  Rebirth!

And then you can stop at that local place that gives away free Italian ices on the first day of Spring.    Get cherry instead of lemon.

After all, IT’S SPRING, SIR!

*From one of the very best M*A*S*H episodes ever, in my humble opinion.

Photo credit – Cheezeburger dot com via Google Images

One response to “It’s Spring, Sir!

  1. Amy, you sang this spring song with perfect pitch. Love the M*A*S*H reference and the message of renewal.

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