Our good friend and YBC Member, Richelle Leigh Walk recently made a big decision about her art and business.   Below is her statement. 

For seventeen years I have been designing and handcrafting custom made
jewelry.  This has truly been my passion to produce the finest quality

At this time, I look forward to a new chapter in my business.  My
Harrisburg store location will be closing on March 20, 2014.  This
decision will allow me more freedom and dedication to concentrate on
creating and designing new signature pieces of jewelry.  Although my
retail showroom will no longer be open, my jewelry will still be available
for purchase.  All my unique creations will be at my Etsy store at,  Also, on my Facebook page at,  My current
website is up and being updated at,

My original showroom at the Montoursville location, 252 Streibeigh Lane,
will continue to be a host site for several upcoming Jewelry Sale parties.
I plan on hosting a trunk show Saturday, April 5th, and Sunday, April
6th.  More info will be forthcoming.

A sale is ongoing at my Harrisburg location on Jonestown Road.  Beaded
gemstone necklaces and bracelets, handcrafted sterling silver created by
other metalsmiths and glass and silverware jewelry will be offered at 40%

If you have any pieces for pick-up, please stop by to claim them.

My original designed jewelry and custom handcrafted pieces is always
available by phoning me at 717-545-4511 or by email at

The future of my business will concentrate on producing exciting new
designs.  I will be placing my jewelry for sale in other regional and
national jewelry stores and locations.  In the near future, I will be
posting the locations of stores and locations where my jewelry can also be
purchased.  Also, always available direct from me on my Website, Facebook
and Etsy pages.

The success of my business that I’ve received by you, my loyal customers,
is greatly appreciated.  A sincere “Thank You” for all your support in
wearing my jewelry over the years.  I’m so proud and happy to see my
pieces being a part of your lives.


Richelle Leigh Walk


We congratulate Richelle on the big step, and wish her much success.  Being the lovely and talented person she is, I  expect many good things to come her way, and for her to go very far.

If anybody really loves their blogmistress, she’d be really happy if you got her this:

labradorite pendant


One response to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Richelle does stunning fine work. She’ll continue to reach even higher and do more exciting things. Blogmistress, you have exquisite taste . . .

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