Fall Into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Clare Margaret Itzhaki

Clare Margaret Itzhaki is a paper cutter – well, that does not even BEGIN to describe her work. She tells us she started her craft journey as a silkscreen printer where, for twenty-five years, she cut all her designs on film, where she “discovered the joy of using an x-acto knife. Paper cut art is much the same process.”


One of Clare’s works can vary from a single color cut from one sheet of paper to many layered cut sheets. As she describes it, “This involves precision, lots of glue & the odd nervous breakdown.” Asked about what drives her creativity – including painting her own paper to get the perfect color – Clare tells us, “Inspiration & ideas come from every direction, from a walk around the lake, a visit to a local farm, to what happens to be for dinner.”


Clare’s work is a bold and modern take on a traditional art form. It is strong, graphic, colorful, and very collectible.


Clare will be here, with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see some of Clare’s work on the Gallery page of http://www.ybcrafts.org

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2 responses to “Fall Into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Clare Margaret Itzhaki

  1. Clare’s work is lovely and wimscial.

  2. Amazing work Clare. The creativity and beauty leaves one breathless.
    Thank you. Melanie Romero

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