Fall Into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Nancy Crochet

“I have always loved to sew,” says member Nancy Crochet. “My mother always told me that I had a relative who was a tailor so maybe that is where my love of jackets comes from. I studied clothing and textiles in college and since then I have always liked reading books about couture sewing techniques…these are the techniques that you won’t find in a Simplicity pattern.”


When asked about her inspiration, for Nancy, it always starts with fabric. Fabric is her palette. “I am always on the lookout for a unique piece of fabric. When I find one I try to imagine how it would look as a jacket. Is it heavy or light? Is it formal or casual? Can it be combined with other fabrics? Sometimes I will keep a piece for years before I know just what to do with it.”


Nancy’s original jacket designs are cut close to the body but not too close, making them easy and beautiful to wear, stylish and eye-catching, elegant and comfortable. “It seems that whenever I see a garment at a craft show they are always something ‘funky’ or unusual. I look at it a say “how do you put that on?” I work in a classic style that is flattering to all women, a very wearable silhouette made special by my selection of unusual and creative fabrics and fine couture details.” Nancy has a master’s touch with colors, combining them in unexpected and extraordinarily pleasing ways. The carefully selected fabrics, sewn by Nancy, using complex, sophisticated construction techniques, executed to perfection, are what make Nancy’s jackets very wearable art.


Nancy will be here, with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see more of Nancy’s work at http://www.blueandgoldembroidery.com and on the Gallery page of http://www.ybcrafts.org.

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