Fall Into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Andy Smith

Watercolorist Andy Smith has been painting professionally since 1979. He tells us, “I knew I could draw at an early age.. I paint every day, most of the day! I am self-taught, so my learning process came from practice. I have been painting for a living for 34 years.”

Smith A3

“I see new exciting subjects around me every day,” says Andy. He loves historical sightseeing and takes photographs everywhere, which become the reference materials for his paintings, which start with a sketch in his sketch book, then “a good hand drawing on my paper and then a series of washes to build the color and depth I enjoy. My watercolors often are mistaken for photographs at first glance. I am a realistic painter; all my subjects, I have seen and studied.”

Smith A2

Andy’s work is fine and detailed, yet there is a peaceful quality to his watercolors when you first see them. The details and nuances that reveal themselves to you on closer observation draw you into them on a deeper level.

Smith A1

Andy is not kidding when he says how often he paints. He will be painting here, exhibiting with over fifty other fine artisans, so mark your calendar, today! In the meantime, you can see more of Andy’s work at http://www.andysmithartist.com and on the Gallery page of http://www.ybcrafts.org.

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2 responses to “Fall Into Fine Craft Artisan Spotlight – Andy Smith

  1. Andy’s watercolors are must-see-in-person works. There is such depth and subtlety; small photos of his works are just a tease.

  2. Watching an artist at work is always a treat!! Be sure to come to Fall Into Fine Craft so you can see first hand how Andy creates his wonderful watercolors!

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