Dyeing for the Library!

Last week I got the coolest email from member Beth Aten showing her new three quilt installation from her Tall Timbers series at the Penn State Library in Middleton.  Check it out:


Beth told me that she uses industrial dyes that are colorfast on cotton broadcloth, as the installation must withstand a lot of natural light.  She dyed fabric for a month, then sewed for five months, at least one whole month being spent on the hundreds of quilting lines on top.  After all that, the installation was a breeze, especially with the helpful maintenance guys at the library.

To see more of Beth’s work, check out her blog and her website .

Thanks for sharing, Beth!


One response to “Dyeing for the Library!

  1. Beth Aten’s work is so serenely beautiful, it belies the enormous amount of work that she puts into it. Her colors, shapes, and stitching combine to create a sense of calm and happiness in me, every time I see them. Her work’s available at Village Artisans Gallery.

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