If you listen closely in the evenings, you’ll hear sounds….far off in the distance mixed in with the sounds of cicadas in love….hammers hammering,  knitting needles clicking, the whirring of a sewing machine,  the sounds of wood being worked, the muted mutterings of jewelry makers and painters, all frantically working to finish up their projects.  It’s that time of year again, FOUNDRY DAY!

For many artisans and shoppers alike, Foundry Day is Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Super Bowl all rolled into on big sweaty, exhausting, thrilling day.  With good reason.  The sheer number of amazing talent lining the streets of Boiling Springs is awe-inspiring.  No mass produced tchotchkes here.  Just good old fashioned juried GOOD STUFF.

The YBC will be representing IN FORCE with the following artists having booths:

Kay Verbecken – Jewelry
Donna Damgaard – Jewelry
Don Kensinger – rock candles
Nancy Crochet – fiber
Ted Walker– jewelry
Don and Candace Cothard – jewelry
Margie Fultz – fiber
Len Baer – wood bowls
Bob Cappeluti – pottery
Bekka Rousek – wheat weaving
Dan Hayward – glass
Carol Heisler – quilts
Shedrick Sloane – photography
Greg Pencheff – wood turning
Bob Triplett – wood carving
Joan Rhodes – jewelry
Amy Kelsey – jewelry
Beth Moser – jewelry
Crystal Hunt – photography
Leslie Halaby-Moore – jewelry
Richelle Dourte – jewelry
Myra Klayman – glass
Clare Miller – wood etching
Nancy Crochet – silk jackets

Nancy Bryant – jewelry

The YBC will also have a booth, showcasing the talents of Paula Lewis (enamels), Connie Hollenbaugh (Copper),  Judith Sen & Soumana Saley – (Leather bags and accessories)  Erin Keck (Steampunk), Nolly Geisinger (Lampwork beads) and Stephanie Long (Fine Jewelry)  There will also be plenty of information WHY you should join the PA Guild of Craftsmen, and you may be able to sign up on the spot.

If all that wasn’t enough to get thee to Boiling Springs on June 1, there’s a whole bunch of different food and drinks available, Thai, Mexican, Cheesesteaks,  Crab Cakes, Pulled Pork, Lemonade, Salads, Strawberry Shortcake (!!) funnel cakes and all kinds of other non-fat, low cal goodies.  The Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Trout Unlimited will be there with their excellent displays and educational materials.

But wait, there’s more!  The Bubble Man will be on hand to entertain the kiddos, and you can probably bribe them away from the funnel cakes with the balloon animals and face painting.

Still not enough to entice you out to beautiful Boiling Springs?  Tsk.  You’re tough!  How about FREE admission…FREE parking….and a FREE shuttle bus from the high school to the Festival.

Really!  How could you go wrong with all that?

2 responses to “FOUNDRY DAY 2013

  1. As excited as I was, I am even more revved up, after reading all this good stuff! It’s going to be a great day in Bubbletown!

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