Charmed I’m Sure Studio presents
Puttin’ On The Glitz

An Elegant Featherweight Tiara Class

by Lynne Suprock

Saturday, June 22, 2013 

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

For all those Fairy Princesses in the land, or all those self-appointed fabulous Queens of the Universe….

Come spend a day at the Charmed I’m Sure Studio, making a simple and lightweight tiara for atop your pretty little head.  Wear this special piece to parties, to retreats, to the grocery store, or even to your upcoming family reunion!  If you would like one, but are too bashful to wear one, set it majestically upon the hearth shelf and admire it daily.

Either way, this workshop is soooo much fun, and at the end, everyone gets to feel pretty in a tiara!

Skills we will be using include soldering, wire shaping, collaging and using patina (optional for you)

Price:  $35.00

Additional Kit fee:  $15.00

Total – $50.00

What to bring (anything with a “*” means Jean or Lynne has some to share):

1.  Small pot holder or heavy cotton (no polyester please) garden gloves

2.  Glitter, pictures, stamps and inks*

3.  Soldering iron, 100 watt with a thermostat built into handle or a plug in one*.  Instructor will have a couple extra to share if you don’t have your own

4. A Soldering station which includes the following: a cellulose sponge, a sal ammoniac block*, non lead large bead solder (from Lowe’s OK)  a heat resilient silicone mat sold in kitchen stores or a tin cookie sheet if you have one.  Also you will need something to hold your tiara base that is flat like 2 fire bricks or one large ceramic tile* will work.

5.  One small straight or bent nosed OLD jewelry pliers.  These will get flux on them so don’t bring your nice one for this!

6. Two straight nose pliers* (without teeth preferred) for making swirlies

7.  Scissors*

8.  Sharpie brand marker (any size tip)*

9.  Lint-free rag

10.  Elmers glue

11. Fume mask if you are asthmatic or sensitive to smoke.  Sold at Lowe’s.  Jean also has disposable ones to share.*

* The kit will include rhinestone trim, 2 different copper foil sizes, flux, flux cleaner, glass cleaner, all cut glass pieces, 17 gauge wire, patina and Q-tips, hammers and bench blocks to share.


To secure your spot in this class, send $50 through PayPal to Jean Van Brederode (PayPal ID –, OR send a check to the address listed below. Limited seating is available, so please reserve your spot early! Only one date is being offered First come first served!

Charmed I’m Sure Studio is located at 7 Nita Court, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Jeans cell – 717-919-7444. I encourage you to arrive by 9.45 AM. Please park in the cul-de-sac being careful not to block the mailboxes.  Enter through the front door or around the house to the left through the studio door.  For those who have allergies, please note there are two cats who also live here.

No refunds after June 15th.

WE WILL HAVE A GROUP LUNCH AROUND NOON.  PLEASE BRING A STUDIO SNACK OR LUNCH GOODIE TO SHARE!  Jean will provide ice. drinks, paper products, & silverware.

Feel free to pass this workshop info on to friends!

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