From Facebook & A word about Resolutions

This showed up on my wall today, and I thought it was interesting.  Not only are the words great, the video is also very cool.  It shows that it came from Ruprecht Studios in NYC.


It’s the time of year where everyone wants to start fresh, with a clean slate.  They make big resolutions about what they’d like to accomplish in the New Year.  Changes to make, goals to achieve, you know, that sort of thing.

I really don’t make resolutions out loud. There are things I keep in my head that I’d like to see happen in the New Year.  It’s a nice list.  There are things on the list that have been there for quite some time.  Patiently waiting for the right time to happen.   I don’t put them out in the world for everyone to see and comment on.  They are my resolutions, and I’d rather not share.

Are your resolutions out there?  Do you make New Years resolutions?  Or are yours a work in progress that you keep to yourself?


One response to “From Facebook & A word about Resolutions

  1. Yep, I do make resolutions. This year it is to purge myself of those people/things that make me sad and appreciate better those that give me joy. If you are reading this, you’re definately NOT on the “purge” list!

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