Dear Santa…

On every crafter’s wish list this season, among all the handmade wishes, should be a subscription to The Crafts Report Magazine.

I got a A LOT of magazines, but this is THE ONE I enjoy the most.  It is full of great information on the business of craft. Plus tons of listings of good upcoming shows.

You can also subscribe digitally. (I’m not really a fan of the digital subscription to anything.  Finding the magazine and leafing through it for an article wins over scrolling the Kindle, but that’s just me!)

Another really cool thing about The Crafts Report magazine is readers can submit photos and articles (Much like this blog, but you wouldn’t know it, ahem) Several of our YBC members have been in The Crafts Report (most recently Amber Kane was featured in a full page article)  And then there’s Luann Udell’s column, which is always interesting.

You could probably even write it off as a business expense if you were so inclined.  So now you have no reason NOT to subscribe to The Crafts Report.

This message was NOT sponsored or endorsed by The Crafts Report magazine.  I subscribe and I like it, and you might too.

2 responses to “Dear Santa…

  1. Great suggestion for famililes and friends of craftsmen, who can be hard to buy for!

  2. Not sure I should admit to this but I’ve been a subscriber to Crafts Report since it was in newspaper tabloid form! Always find something of interest in there every month. Had an article in there about the Village Artisans Gallery a number of years ago.

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