Rilly Big Shews

I had a very clever title for the blog today, however, it’d probably garner hits from all the wrong places.  I’d rather not spend the  holiday season reviewing spam (mmm spam) of a less savory variety.

There will be a series here about shows.  What you love, what you hate, tips that make them a little easier.  I know that some of you just can’t deal with the phrase Craft Show, so instead of saying Craft Show, Art Show, Art Fair, Craft Fair, Fine Craft or any combination thereof, the subject will collectively be called Shows.

A mass email was sent (using the reply all feature!) asking for your input.  I’d like to hear from you.  I want to know  if you like doing shows, why do you like them?  Do you hate doing shows?  Why?  If you hate them and still do them, why?  Anything show related I’d like to know about.  Also your booth photos.  Please share, not only are you getting yourself out there on an award winning blog, read by millions of people, but it’s a little more free advertising.  If you don’t do shows, but you sell online or in galleries, I’d like to hear from you too .

You see, this blog is driven by us.  By our members.  By the Yellow Breeches Guild of Craftsmen.  If you don’t contribute, you’re not heard.  This blog will just be a forum for whatever I feel like posting, because I don’t have any input.  It’ll end up being my own thing.

Ask yourself, does the world need one more blog filled with  cat pictures, recipes and long winded rants about traffic and poor customer service?

Send me your thoughts.  Be not afraid.  You won’t be quoted, I’ll just use the info.

beadwhisperer at gmail dot com.

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