Member Monday – Jackie Nowak

Today’s Member Monday (on Wednesday, yes I know) is Jackie Nowak.

Our Fall into Fine Craft show is coming up soon!  Do you have your postcard?

And now, here’s Jackie!

How did you get into making your craft?  When did you start, how did you learn the process?


I started in fine arts while still in school and continued in oils and watercolors for years..  About 15 years ago, I was introduced to decorative painting by a friend and loved it.

The more involved I became, the more I remembered my growing up at home. My father was always doing pen and ink sketches. He also was a woodworker. I have a large handcarved Spanish galleon sailing ship that he carved. I have special memories of my grandmother who I now realize was a decorative artist, painting mostly on china. Sitting on the floor by her while she gave me pieces of painted Limoges china and telling the story behind each piece. So I guess I am my heritage after all.


Tell us a little bit about your creative process, how do you make your work, where do you get your ideas ?


Sometimes I see a  photo or a scene and know I need to paint it – now I may paint it on a wood or tin piece instead of on a canvas or tin. And then there are the ties that I find that odd piece and can imagine just what I need to paint on it. I usually paint in acrylics but many times in oils. It depends on the surface I’m using ( and sometimes the amount of time I need)..

I love to study with nationally known decorative artists to be inspired and learn new techniques.



What makes your work special, why should people want to come and see your work?


My typical work is one of a kind.. Except for painting folk art based on historical designs, my painting are realistic and full of bright colors. I really don’t like dull, dark colors. Roses and hydrangeas are two of my favorite subjects. Many of my still lifes decorate the top of a box or a tray.



2 responses to “Member Monday – Jackie Nowak

  1. Jackie’s decorative pieces are informed with her artist’s eye and are masterfully executed. Just wait until you have the chance – at Fall Into Fine Craft – to see them for yourself.

  2. Just absolutely beautiful work!

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